Unregistered Provider’s Best Practices – Optimal Guidance and Assistance for Independent Support Workers

Jayne, from Diversity Camps Pty Ltd and Guided Business Essentials Pty Ltd, is dedicated to assisting Independent Support Workers in achieving Best Practice standards within the NDIS Industry. With over 10 years of International Health Care Industry Experience encompassing Registration, Compliance, HR, and extensive involvement in Aged Care and Disability services, including Children, combined with 15 years in Health Care and HR within Australia, Jayne brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Her expertise includes 7 years of direct NDIS experience and a successful transition from a home office startup to a thriving multi-million-dollar enterprise.

In response to the changing landscape of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Jayne is dedicated to ensuring top-tier service delivery by support workers. Leveraging her vast expertise, she offers tailored solutions to kickstart businesses and thrive in the NDIS environment. With a surge in Sole Trader Support Workers, Jayne emphasizes the need for understanding obligations, even as an Unregistered Service Provider. Her mission is to equip support workers with the tools and knowledge needed to excel within the NDIS framework, guaranteeing the highest standards of care and compliance.

The misconception that obtaining an ABN and NDIS worker screening check to become a support worker really does disregards best practices and may result in inadequate support provision. Recognising this, Diversity Camps is committed to aiding Independent Support Workers/Sole Traders and Small Providers in navigating these complexities. To this end, Diversity Camps has developed a comprehensive checklist to streamline your journey. Additionally, we offer supplementary resources and support on our website to further assist you in delivering high-quality services.

Necessary Key Points Checklist:

  • Firstly, Understand the NDIS and NDIS Act 2013
  • Obtain an ABN Australian Business Number (only do this once you know your Business Structure – This is essential to ensure you don’t waste time in the long run when your business grows as this can affect registration) 
  • Set up a Company (Pty Ltd) should you plan to have even 1 or 10 staff – This safeguards your personal liabilities – Please speak with a professional accountant for further information
  • Obtain a Tax File Number
  • You will require Business Insurance ($10 Million in public liability coverage, as per the NDIS standards)
  • You will require Work Cover Insurance
  • Please make sure you understand Restrictive Practices – further information visit the NDIS website.
  • Understand Australian Human Rights around disability.
  • You will require a current NDIS worker screening check or apply for one.
  • You will need to hold a paid worker Working with Children Check if you are working with people under 18
  • NDIS Code of conduct – Understand your responsibilities. You can find this on the NDIS website.
  • Understand the NDIS Standards – You will need to have evidence to demonstrate each standard should you wish to become a NDIS registered provider and is best practice for unregistered providers to understand the standards:


  1. Rights and Responsibilities (5 Areas to cover- Example – Person centred supports – Individual values and beliefs – Privacy and Dignity – Independence and Informed Choice – Violence, Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation and Discrimination)
  2. Governance and Operational Management (9 areas to cover – Example – Governance and Operational Management – Risk Management – Quality Management – Information Management – Feedback and Complaints Management – Incident Management – Human Resource Management – Continuity of Supports – Emergency and Disaster Management)
  3. Provision of Supports (5 areas to cover)
  4. Support Provision Environment (5 areas to cover)

(Diversity camps can assist you with achieving compliance and link you in to affiliations to assist with this)

  • Your will need Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • Your will need a Clean Driver Licence
  • Your will need correct Documentation (please see the document bundles you can purchase from Diversity Camps – NDIS Document Bundles)

This will include:

  1. Service Agreement
  2. Complaints Form and Procedure
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Support Plan
  5. Invoice Template
  6. Consent form to share information, pictures, videos.
  7. Incident Report
  8. Incident policy and Procedure
  9. Documentation and Notes Procedure  
  10. Referral Form
  • Understand the NDIS Price Guide (NDIS Support Catalogue)
  • Maintain training and competency in your field – Enrol in to training such as a Certificate 3 in Individual Support, Cert 3 in Community Services however this is entry level qualification and you should really have this prior to working with anyone, this is best practice, or working towards your qualification if you have a lived experience.
  • Complete the NDIS New Worker Induction Training on NDIS website.

New Worker NDIS Induction Module | NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (ndiscommission.gov.au)


By fostering the growth of skill sets and expertise, our mission is to empower a skilled, self-assured, adept, and adaptable support worker workforce.


Our vision is for every support worker to recognise their professional worth and actively engage in continuous professional development to enhance their knowledge, capabilities, and personal welfare.


We believe that every support worker should have the opportunity and obligation to participate in professional development initiatives.

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